Peugeot 207 GTI

Take our 207 Gti for a drive and finally understand the meaning of pocket rocket hatchbacks!

Our 207 is not your average one you may pass on the road, this one has had the power increased from a mear 175bhp to 250bhp! And with the added suspension upgrades, this car can also handle the increase in power.

The 207 may be similar to the 206 in shape, size and specification, but with its more modern construction the car is a completely different drive and feel around the track. 


Engine/Gearbox - Larger Front Mount Intercooler, Larger Hyrbid Turbo, Free Flowing Exhaust, Mocal Oil Cooler, Aircon Deleted

Suspension/Brakes - Gaz Gold Suspension, Racing Brake Pads, Super Dot 4 Brake Fluid, Adjustable Drop Links, Camber/Caster Adjustable Top Mounts

Interior - Fully Stripped, Bucket Seats, 6 Point Harness', Multi-link CageWorx Rollcage, Drycell Race Battery, Lightweight Heater System, Perspex Rear Windows

Tyres - AD08R's and Wets

From £550 Per Day