What is trackday vehicle hire?

Trackday vehicle hire is were you get to hire fully prepared race cars for an adreneline filled day, driving the car around a circuit of your choice! The car is delivered to your race track and you get in a drive the car as much as you want for the day, only stopping for refreshments at lunch. Its easy as that to go on circuit!

How does trackday vehicle hire work?

Its very simple, and following these steps below makes it even easier!

  1. Choose the car you want to hire
  2. Choose the circuit you want it to take it to
  3. Select a day you want it to be on
  4. Provide a few details for the insurance of the car for the day
  5. Grab your helmet (If you have one! If not you can get one on the day!)
  6. Turn up and get ready for a day you will never forget!

What circuits are available to hire to vehicle for? And what is 'Delivery charge'?

Currently we have range of 12 circuits on offer (three subject to further negotiations), seperated into different price categorys due to the distance away from our headquarters. The circuits we currently are able to offer are listed below: Snetterton Bedford Autodrome Brands Hatch Cadwell Park Rockingham Speedway Bruntingthorpe Silverstone Mallory Park Donington Thruxton Oulton Park Anglesey

The prices categories are listed below:
  • Catergory A - Free
  • Catergory B - £50
  • Category C - £80
  • Category D - £120
  • Category E - £150
  • Category F - £200

Do I need Insurance?

Unfortuantly accidents can happen! So insurance is required for every event that you may hire, with discount if you plan to use the car more than once and pay in one go! Rest assured that the prices we provide are the best we can get for our customers, and in comparison the extra small cost of insurance for the day is alot less than paying for a complete race car if anything unfortuante was to happen All we require to recieve an insurance quote for the day is: Your Name Date of Birth Your Address Any Previous Motoring Convictions No Claims Proof

What happens if i've never driven on track before?

Thats not an issue at all, you can be a complete novice to an expirenced proffesional; we can cater for all needs. If you need any assistance or advice with futher information about what to expect on track, do not hesitate to contact us at either method below! info@chaferracingdevelopments.co.uk 07083564824

Whats included in a trackday hire package?

With our packages you get the full works, right from refreshments to insurance! In our package you will recieve: Vehicle of your choice Delivery of the vehicle Garage for the vehicle during the day (subject to availabiltiy) 30 minutes tutition with fully licensed race car driver First tank of fuel (more can be provided but normally a fuel tank is more than enough) On track support with spare parts (just incase!) Refreshments for lunch (tea, coffee, etc) Insurance (subject to acceptance) A day you will never forget!

What do I need on the day that i've booked?

Yourself is probably the main thing you need! Since the majority is covered by our full package, I recommend bringing some food with yourself for lunch as a full day of racing is very tiring!

Can I have more than one driver?

Of course you can! We just need to know the details of the other drivers, but unfortuatly this does add an extra cost of £40 per extra driver

What happens if the car breaks down on the day?

Unfortuantly problems do occur, but with our spares package we will always aim to get you back on track as fast as possible. If there is a problem we can not fix, and there is more than half of the day left, you will recieve compenstation that is dictated by how much time is left in the day Rest assured though, every car is thoroughly tested to make sure there are no issues and maintained to the highest standard

Frequently Asked Questions